Standard Chartered and DBS to set up blockchain-based Trade Finance Registry

Standard Chartered and DBS, with the support of 12 other banks, have kicked off a project that will use a blockchain network to register trade finance transactions.

I Transferred $100 SGD To The App [GUIDE] has now enabled FAST deposits of SGD from your bank account to the App.

With this, you are now able to purchase any cryptocurrencies on the App directly from SGD. This is in contrast to the previous method of sending XSGD from StraitsX, where you can only buy 8 cryptocurrencies directly from XSGD.

This is now possibly one of the best ways to buy cryptocurrencies directly from SGD. The previous best way to do so was to send USD directly to FTX via DBS Remit.

However, the spreads on the App have been known to be high. As such, you may still incur some hidden fees even though does not charge you anything!

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Withdrawing SGD From
Depositing USD To FTX From Singapore:
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Linking StraitsX To
Depositing USD Into FTX From Singapore:

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�� Celsius ($50 in BTC when you transfer ≥ $400 worth of assets and hold for 30 days):
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0:06 Step 1
0:19 Step 2
0:33 Step 3
0:55 Are Comments Needed?
1:07 Some Precautions
1:16 Step 4
1:25 What Cryptocurrencies Can I Buy With SGD?
1:33 Contrast With StraitsX
1:40 Hidden Costs?
1:47 Outro

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