JPMorgan Chase taps ex-Celsius exec for crypto job

JPMorgan Chase has appointed a former executive at bankrupt crypto lender Celsius as its head of digital assets regulatory policy.


In this video I break down everything that is going on with Celsius right now.

He joins former Celsius Exec JPMorgan as the crypto regulatory policy director

19 October – Former Celsius manager Aaron Iovine joined Jpmorgan Chase & Co as the general manager of the LinkedIn profile, according to the profile of LinkedIn, according to the profile of LinkedIn, the Bank’s General Manager Jamie Dimon’s crypto currencies as fr*a*u*d and decentralized ponzi schemes. Iovine was the president of policy and regulatory business at Celsius, who lended to the bankruptcy crypto lending in September after an eight -month hint. Celsius applied for bankruptcy in July because risk assets, including Bitcoin, were crushed by tightening monetary policy. Crypto markets were also bored in May with the collapse of the great coins Terrausd and Luna. The JPMorgan spokesman confirmed the rent, but refused to provide additional details. Dimon has become a vocal critic of crypto currencies. Last week at the International Institute of Finance, he repeated his criticism of digital assets, saying that crypto coins were not worth.

JPMorgan Appoints Former Celsius Exec as Crypto Regulatory Policy Head: Report

Aaron Iovine, who spent eight months this year as head of policy and regulatory affairs at bankrupt crypto lender Celsius, has been appointed in a newly created role as head of crypto regulatory policy at JPMorgan, according to Bloomberg. “The Hash” hosts weigh in.

JPMorgan Taps Former Celsius Exec As Crypto Regulatory Policy Director

JPMorgan Taps Former Celsius Exec As Crypto Regulatory Policy Director⁣ #regulatorypolicy #crypto #celsius #taps #city