DBS rolls out AI-powered investment advisory feature

Singapore's DBS has added a feature to its AI-powered financial and retirement planning tool that provides retail customers with investment recommendations tailored to their profiles.

On Category Creation & Becoming the Fastest Growing D2C Brand in Nutraceuticals | Modernizing Biz 22

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Power Gummies started with Gorgeous Hair & Nails – a hero product, in 2018. It is now a family of five strong products catering to solutions – Beach Body (Weight Management), That Time of the month (PMS & PCOS Health Gummies), Jaw-Dropping Skin (Collagen Building Skin Gummies), Blessful Sleep (Melatonin-based sleep gummies). All products have undergone clinical trials to build efficacy and keep product development transparent.

In this Insightful Conversation we deep dive in the mind of Divi Bajaj Founder of Power Gummies:

1. Relevance of Nutraceutical products in today’s world.
2. D2C brands: Consumer proximity is your strongest advantage.
3. Revolutionising the health and wellness industry
4. The Fastest growing D2C Brand in Nutraceuticals
5. Category Creation

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How AI is Reshaping Lending in Asia Pacific

Artificial Intelligence is often touted as one of the most transformative tools for lending; from enabling financial services providers to drive inclusive finance, to fraud prevention and improving customer relationships.

However getting your AI strategy right isn’t always an easy task, hear from leading organisations in Asia Pacific on how they are successfully ultilising data to drive positive outcomes.

• Redefining credit modelling through AI
• Getting your data strategy right
• Dark side of data: managing the risk of AI biases

• Dr. David R. Hardoon, Chief Data and AI Officer, Union Bank of the Philippines
• Jerry Ying, Chief Product Officer, Asia Pacific, TransUnion
• Ishan Agrawal, Group CTO, Funding Societies | Modalku
• Anindya Datta, Founder, CEO, Chairman, Mobilewalla

Vincent Fong, Chief Editor, Fintech News Malaysia

The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make: Liver Shield

You’ve probably heard that the best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself. But what if I told you that the best investment you could make was in your liver?

No, I’m not talking about some kind of weirdo herbal supplement. I’m talking about Liver Shield – the revolutionary new product that can help protect your liver from damage and keep it healthy for years to come!

So why wait? Make the best investment of your life and get a bottle of Liver Shield today!

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DBS Insights for Business Leaders – The Future of Office (abridged)

The pandemic culminates in the rethink of the fundamentals of the physical workspace. Will office remain relevant for companies? How does the office of the future look like? Is office still an attractive investment proposition?

DBS presents “The Future of Office” where our experts and business leaders representing the landlords, asset managers and tenants delve into how the future of office will look like.

Watch the full episode here: https://go.dbs.com/3GG5GIL